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FENOX Automotive Components
FENOX Automotive Components


Our mission is to surpass our competitors in development, quality and security.

We are constantly developing the advanced technologies of construction and production. We give people an opportunity to buy high quality automotive components that guarantee maximum safety and increased comfort for those behind the steering wheel.

Our goal is to be an Automotive Parts Industry Leader.

Our advantages are detail innovation, efficiency approach and customer focus.

We think globally.

To think globally means to work in a good and workmanlike manner, to realize innovative projects and to recognize the responsibility to Partners, Clients and Community.


The FENOX Corporation history starts from the year 1989. Within the period of twenty eight years we have grown from a mono-manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders up to a multi-producer of integrated systems and automotive components. This bypast period has demonstrated to our partners that FENOX is a reliable and constantly developing company, and it is known that ‘tomorrow is with those developing’.

So the FENOX’s history goes back to 1989 when a hydraulic cylinder for the ‘VAZ 2105’ motor vehicle was first produced. Owing to the automotive components deficiency experienced by the market at that time the enterprise had managed to promptly increase production volumes and to significantly expand the automotive hydraulics products assortment being offered. In the first years of its development the Company was specialized exclusively in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders and this is precisely why in the consumers’ perception FENOX is first of all associated with hydraulics.

In 1996 FENOX had conducted a series of successful negotiations with the German Company - Bremse Hydraulic - for purchasing an up-to-date European equipment which allowed the automotive components production to be upgraded to a qualitatively new level. Simultaneously with the manufacturing complex the Bremse Hydraulic Company had handed over to FENOX its principal customers – such international Companies as - Lucas (TRW), Continental-Teves и LPR. This obtaining of such big companies in the capacity of customers had opened the ‘floodgates’ for the FENOX Corporation to the European and American automotive components markets. Today this powerful, sustainable and reliable corporation is a producer of the widest range (in the CIS countries) of automotive components for main automotive systems: brake, electric, cooling, suspension, transmission and steering systems.


FENOX – is comprised of 12 factories located within the territories of Belarus, Russia and Germany. Production facilities – exceeding 130 000 m2. Each of the factories is a state-of-the-industry hi-tech conveyor system which only needs a few score of operating and maintenance staff.

All the production sites of the FENOX Corporation are highly specialized and they accomplish production missions as follows:

  • FENOX Brake system.
  • FENOX Cooling system.
  • FENOX Suspension system.
  • FENOX Electric system.
  • FENOX Wheel system.

The production technical basis is provided with the state of the art machining centers as follows:

«Variomatic» high-speed machining center with a capacity of 200 thousand items per month – substitutes a production shop with an area of over 1 thousand square meters occupied with conventional synchronous transfer machines disposed therein. Only 3 operators per shift are required for this equipment to be operated. This system’s machining time per hydraulic cylinder is 10-12 seconds.

The park of the «Mori Seiki» (Japan) and «Heller BEA» (Germany) high-speed machining centers is distinguished for their highest processing accuracy.

To minimize the human factor effects, automatic lines for machining and assembling of the products were implemented within the enterprise: An Italian «GimecoCogis» line for assembling of calipers is operated by only three operators which are responsible for delivery of component items to the line while the remaining operations are performed automatically by robotic installations.

For manufacturing of brake discs there was installed an Italian «Minganti» automatic line comprised of four high-speed machining centers and two high precision plants for finish-machining of brake discs. The manufacturing capability of this line is up to 50 thousand discs per month, and there are only four operators necessary for this to be operated and maintained.

For machining of water pump housings and assembling thereof there was equipment purchased in Spain which equipment allows for the moment to produce more than 90 thousand pumps per month. The equipment is realized as a conveyor system comprised of interconnected processing machines, washing plant, automated assembling facility and pressure test unit. The assemblage is performed by two robotic manipulators with no people participating.

There is a shop for manufacturing of shock absorbers with a floor space of more than 12 thousand squire meters. Lines for cutting and machining of tubes, welding systems, assembly and painting lines are installed in the shop.

In manufacturing of hydraulic brake assemblies and units as well as other automotive systems, strict requirements are specified with respect to cleanness of parts and components, due to which reason special «Citroen» automatic plants for washing of parts are employed in each shop.

Furthermore, there are super-precision machines from leading world manufacturers employed in production of the FENOX automotive components:

  • CNC lathe machines from the Japanese OKUMA Company;
  • Horizontal and vertical CNC machining centers from the Japanese OKUMA
  • Company, for machining of box-type workpieces;
  • CNC machining centers and machines from the SW Company, allowing simultaneous machining of four workpieces according to quality grade 5;

The quality of the parts produced is determined with the help of the Braun-Sharp high precision 3D-machines allowing the automotive components’ overall dimensions to be measured within the accuracy of 0.5 mm.

Quality system

The FENOX Corporation was the first among the CIS countries’ manufacturers to launch performing of systematic measures for creation of the Quality Management System.

Obtaining in 1996 of the certificate of conformity with the ISO 9001 standard requirements had become the first achievement here. This standard allowed the Company to enter the European and American markets. At the same time, the ISO 9001 standard specified stringent requirements for the entire manufacturing process and technological park of the Company. For this reason, the grand total of the certification to the ISO 9001 standard turned out to be the complete technical upgrading of the Company, bringing of manufacturing facilities up to the international level, as well as significant improvement of approaches to the automotive components manufacturing process.

Activization of the Corporation within the European and American markets made it necessary for FENOX to bring the automotive components production system into compliance with the automakers’ requirements which were more stringent as compared with those of the ISO 9001 standard. Therefore, in the early twenty-first century, for the Company there was started a new period in the quality management system development – the Company was certified to VDA 6.1. and QS 9 000, which standards specified the requirements for the quality management system adopted by the European automotive industry association and automakers of the USA, respectively.

The highest achievement in the FENOX Corporation quality management system development was the obtaining of the ISO/TS 16949 associated quality certificate for manufacturers of assemblies and units for the global automotive industry. At the moment no other manufacturer within the Eastern Europe has such advanced system of factory management and product quality control.


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