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14.09.12 FENOX Triumphs at Autocomponent of the Year 2012!

FENOX’s successes in various nominations at Autocomponent of the Year National Independent Contest are turning into a good tradition. For a second year in a row FENOX Automotive Components wins the Shock Absorber of the Year nomination for domestic cars and takes the contest’s Grand-Prix, the Brand of the Year title! In 2012 the company expanded the collection of its trophies with a win in Starter of the Year nomination for domestic cars and a place in the finals of the Alternator of the Year for domestic cars.


Autocomponent of the Year is a professional independent contest held in 35 nominations, separately for domestic and imported cars. This year’s winners had to go through several rounds, including a preliminary Internet vote and a review by juror panel consisting of domestic market’s leading automotive experts. The panel’s decision was based on a whole number of factors, such as results of the preliminary Internet vote, quality and popularity of the components, as well as nominees’ successes in terms of sales and marketing policies.

The awarding ceremony took place on August 30, at Hotel Akvarium conference hall, part of Krokus-Ekspo exhibition center, and was held as part of Interavto-2012. The results of a comprehensive expert assessment made FENOX the winner in Shock Absorber of the Year and Starter of the Year nominations for domestic cars, additionally putting the company into the finals of Alternator of the Year. FENOX’s successes in the above nominations for imported cars were mirrored by such well-known international brands as KYB, Bosch и Valeo respectively. Of special importance for the company was the contest’s Grand-Prix, the title of the Brand of the Year 2012. Awarded for successes across all nominations, the Grand-Prix signifies wide recognition of the brand by the international automotive community. Even more so, this title was contested by such renowned industry leaders as Bosch, ZF, Federal Mogul, Delphi, and DENSO. It should also be mentioned that the company wins the Grand-Prix and the Shock Absorber of the Year nomination for a second year in a row!

FENOX is proud to have gained such appreciation of its efforts. This is an important indicator showing that the company has hit the right track in its ambition to develop and promote advanced technologies. FENOX expresses its gratitude to everyone who took part in the vote, to its clients and partners as well as panel members for their confidence in the company.