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20.03.17 FENOX Workshops Have Been Held in Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg

FENOX Company has given a series of training workshops for managers of distribution companies, sales representatives, service stations and retail stores.

In the course of the events, the speakers - product managers Evgeniy Rovba, Dmitry Korotkin and regional manager Oleg Kostyukov - told the audience the facts from the history of the FENOX brand, about the Company's production facilities, developments by the inhouse design-engineering department and patented technologies. The speakers reviewed the product portfolio of FENOX, outlined the directions of the product range expansion and focused attention on the unique items of the automotive components which distinguish the FENOX brand from other manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts.
In addition, within a separate block, the FENOX managers talked about the Company’s marketing programs for participants of the commodity distribution network: retail outlets, service stations, ultimate buyers.
FENOX is thanking the partners for their assistance in the arrangement, and is thanking the guests for their active participation in the workshops and for their interest in our brand. We offer an invitation for taking part in further FENOX events for the purpose of improving your knowledge of the Company's products and for employing new tools for pushing up sales.