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31.03.17 ”Power of Knowledge” Promotional Event for Authorized Retail Outlets

For the moment, the number of participants in the "Customer as a Gift" program is more than 1 000 retail outlets.

We express appreciation to our partners for their energetic efforts and announce the start of the "Power of Knowledge" Promotional Event for the authorized retail outlets!

Stage 1
From April 1 to May 31, please be attentive while reading the FENOX newsletter about the product line extension and competitive advantages of our products, as well as news in the "New Items of the Product Range" section.
Stage 2
In June, a questionnaire, consisting of questions about products, product availability, technical features and advantages of the FENOX spare parts will be sent to the authorized retail outlets. The answers to the questions the participants will be able to find in the received newsletters or in the information sections of the website 7 business days are available for completing the questionnaire. Each participant having completed the questionnaire shall get a guaranteed prize – digital ‘FENOX Products Expert’ certificate indicating the % of correct answers.
Stage 3
The questionnaire survey results are to be summed up by FENOX within 7 business days. The prize drawing will take place in random manner using a lottery drum. Completed questionnaires with correct answers in excess of 80% shall participate in the drawing. Questionnaires with an amount of correct answers in excess of 90% give a double advantage in the drawing (participate as two ones). Questionnaires with 100% correct answers give a triplicate advantage in the drawing (participate as three ones).

There are raffled 10 certificates of appliance stores for 10 000 rubles each.

How to check whether you are the FENOX authorized retail outlet or not?
You need to go to "Where to buy" section and find your retail outlet.
How to become an authorized retail outlet?
Authorization may be performed through filling in the questionnaire.

You may ask all the questions regarding the promotional event terms to the Customer Support Center.

Learn new and useful information about the FENOX products and win worthful prizes!