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25.05.17 FENOX Is Extending Geographic Reach of Its Dealer Network

The FENOX Company has signed an agreement with the Russian "Uniqom" distributor of automotive components.

The arrangement reached will in the first place allow improving representation of the FENOX products in the Siberian and Far Eastern Federal Districts.
Owing to the wide regional representation of the partner - the company consists of 10 affiliated branches and 7 representative offices – the FENOX products will be even more quickly and efficiently supplied to all Federal districts of the Russian Federation, and an optimum availability of automotive components will be allowed to be maintained in the distribution centers in the largest cities of the Russian Federation.
The in-house fleet of trucks and the well-run logistics of the new distributor will be able to ensure quick delivery of the FENOX products to anywhere within Russia. In some cities, "Uniqom" provides the expedited delivery service.
The FENOX Company is happy to welcome one of the Russia's largest distributors of spare parts among its business partners.