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20.07.17 FENOX Global Service Technical Support - 3 years old now

FENOX Global Service - center for informational and service support for customers - began its operations in 2014. It is entrusted with the tasks of lending prompt assistance in resolving customer issues, giving professional advice on the Company’s products and providing technical support service.

FENOX Global Service handles more than 1000 requests per month, with the most popular question - "Where to buy FENOX spare parts". Thanks to the current program of authorization of retail outlets, we can always suggest the store with FENOX products which is the closest to the potential buyer.

ПWhen contacting the Support Center, you can remain confident that the request will be promptly reviewed, and the FENOX specialists will offer the best solution. In addition, for our company, every suggestion and wish is a source of valuable information, an opportunity to improve the quality of products, distribution and the range of products being manufactured.

Our compliments to the Center’s specialists, all staff members and customers on the 3rd Anniversary of FENOX Global Service!