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30.01.17 Alternators: Great Augmentation in the Product Group

The range of alternators has been enriched with 32 new products. Now owners of most popular foreign-made cars will be able to find a suitable alternator.

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The current-speed characteristics of the FENOX alternators are compliant with the car manufacturers’ recommendations. Under any speed traffic conditions, the built-in voltage regulator ensures high stability of the level of the voltage supplied by the alternator to the onboard power system of the motorcar.

ДThe diodes of the rectifier unit are capable of withstanding the current intensity of up to 50% above the operating one; this margin of safety ensures protection of these against overheating. Optimum hardness of the copper-carbon brushes and parameters of the springs provide the maximum possible service life of the brushes with minimal wear and tear of the commutator.

The rugged housing made of an aluminum alloy securely protects the product against mechanical damages. Conductive grease that prevents the sparking at the points of connecting the terminals is supplied complete with each FENOX alternator. The winding wires of the alternator are coated with a specially designed heat-resistant electro-insulating varnish.

The mounting holes arrangement, diameter and threads match the original.

In the packaging of the FENOX alternators, there are foam inserts available for protecting the products against damaging during storage, sales cycle and transportation.