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09.02.17 CV Joints: 41 New Products

The range of the FENOX CV joints has expanded by 41 new items. 


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Among the presented new products:

• CV joints for those popular in Russia: Kia Ceed, Sorento; Hyundai i30, Solaris; Renault Duster, Fluence;

• CV joints for motor vehicles of the Chinese car industry, whose democratic prices are increasingly attracting Russian drivers, – Chery Amulet (A15) and Geely MK;

• CV joints for Fiat Ducato Q11-Q15 manufactured in Russia (stock number FENOX CV16234) in addition to the previously produced ones for the model Q18 (stock number FENOX CV16156);

• CV joints for other popular European and American brands of motor vehicles.

The CV joints’ housings are protected against corrosion using the phosphate coating. The selective assembling of balls in the joint (with a tolerance of less than 5 microns) and processing them allow to uniformly distribute the load and to avoid premature wear of the entire product. The CV joints’ protective boots supplied in the kit are made of high-quality rubber excluding cracking, and they reliably protect the product from aggressive environmental factors.