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17.03.17 New Radiators in Renewed Packing

FENOX expands the range of the cooling radiators and presents 68 new items for a wide range of popular motor vehicles: Kia Sportage, Rio; Hyundai i20, ix35; Chevrolet Aveo, Cruze; VW Tiguan, Polo; Ford Focus, C-Max; Toyota Corolla, Avensis; Renault Fluence; Volvo XC90; Nissan Juke, X-Trail and many others.  


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Buyers will receive the new radiators in a renewed packing. Changes have affected not only the design, which has become more well-balanced and stylish, but also - the design of the packing itself. Now, each radiator is secured to a rigid liner which prevents the product from spontaneous moving inside the box, what allows the products to be delivered without any damage to consumers, as well as to maintain an attractive appearance of the packing.




1. System-Wide Approach

For many years FENOX has been producing almost all the elements of the cooling system, so we know exactly what the radiator should be. The FENOX radiators are designed with taking account of the structural features of all the elements of the cooling system.

2. Compliance with the Original Design

The cooling radiators are manufactured in strict accordance with the parameters set by the motor vehicle manufacturer. At the same time, when choosing a FENOX radiator, the consumer receives the products with the optimum quality-to-price ratio.

3. High-End Technologies

In the production of the radiators, the soldering technology using the Nocolok fluxes is employed. Owing to the use of a special solder, a permanent heat transfer from the tubes to the radiator core is achieved. A radiator, produced according to the Nocolok technology, is lighter than an aluminum radiator manufactured through the traditional mechanical assembling, and it weighs almost half the copper one. The radiators are assembled on an automatic transfer line, so the presence of human errors is minimized.

The high durability connection of cooling tubes of a radiator with the radiator fins is also achieved owing to the employment of the Strong Connection technology. As a result, even after a continuous exploitation, the radiator ensures maximum heat dissipation into the environment.

All the FENOX radiators are treated with the AntiCor compound, which forms a protective anti-corrosion film on the inner surfaces of the product.

4. 100% Quality Control

All the FENOX radiators are checked by air pressure, what ensures that only high-quality products are delivered to the customer.

5. Warranty - 2 Years

The warranty period for the FENOX products is 2 years as from the date sale.