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22.03.17 FENOX Heat Regulators for VAZ 2108-2115

The FENOX’ range of products has been enriched with heat regulators for VAZ 2108-2115 vehicles with the old design injector engine (prior to 2003 year of manufacture) – item number - TS017E7.

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Please note that the FENOX product portfolio also contains heat regulators for VAZ 2108-2115, 2170-2172 Priora vehicles which are equipped with engines of the new design (manufactured after 2003) – item number - TS008E7.


Furthermore, thermal elements, ready-fitted with the bottom cover, designed for the above-mentioned VAZ motor vehicles (starting with the year of manufacture 2003), – item number - TS007E7, are available for ordering.


Тhe FENOX heat regulators have an aluminum housing which provides the necessary strength of the product, its usability, as well as long service life.

Through the use of special spring steel for the manufacture of the resilient member, the FENOX heat regulators withstand a great number of opening-closing cycles.

The synthetic thermophilic substance that the thermal element’s container is filled with, ensures reliable operation of the heat regulator throughout the entire service life.