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24.03.17 Hub Assemblies and Hub bearings as a Set

The FENOX range of products has been enriched with hub assemblies for such motor vehicles as Toyota RAV4; Kia Sportage, Optima; Hyundai Sonata, ix 35, i40; Mazda 3; BMW X5, 5-7; Chevrolet Cruze; Opel Astra; Zafira. Furthermore, among the FENOX new products – there are hub bearings available as a set for Peugeot 106, 206, 306, 307; Citroen C4 Xsara, Saxo; Chevrolet Aveo, Kalos, Spark.

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The new hubs are supplied ready-fitted with the bearings. The hubs and bearings are manufactured from high quality compound steel, while the bearing races, for greater strength and long service life, undergo the hardening operation.

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High-precision machining and grinding of the retaining ring and selective matching of rolling elements ensure uniform load distribution, eliminate jamming and provide silent and smooth operation of the bearing.

The professional lithium grease has extreme pressure, anticorrosive and antioxidant additives. The polymeric seals protect the product against external contaminants.

The hub bearings are supplied complete with a mounting kit which, depending on the purpose, can include: retaining ring, nut, cotter pin, protective cap, cover.