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19.04.17 Ball Sockets: Original Design and Extended Furnishing

2 items have been added to the FENOX Ball Sockets product line.

One of them (BJ10104) is meant for such motor vehicles as Mitsubishi Lancer (CS/CY), Outlander, ASX; Peugeot 4007; Citroen C-Crosser; Dodge Caliber; Jeep Compas, Patriot. A specific feature of the ball sockets – availability of a groove for the retaining ring. Please note that unlike the numerous counterparts, the furnishing of the FENOX BJ10104 ball socket includes the retaining ring.


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The second new product – BJ10172 lower ball socket – will be suited to KIA Ceed and Hyundai i30 vehicles manufactured starting from March 2009. The new FENOX ball socket replicates the original design and has threads for securing it in the steering knuckle. The furnishing of the product also includes a split cotter pin for locking-up the castellated nut, and a ring with a safeguard for protecting the dust boot against external damaging.


BJ10072 ball sockets for KIA Ceed and Hyundai i30 vehicles having rolled off the production line prior to 2009 can be found in the FENOX range of product. According to the design of the OEM manufacturer, the bearing part is assumed to be secured with bolts.