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01.06.17 Lower Spring Arm Bolts Kits

FENOX is offering new camber bolts kits for rear lower spring arms (straight and curved) for such motor vehicles as Ford Focus I/II, Focus C-Max, Kuga I, C-Max I; Mazda 3, 5; Volvo S40/V40.


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A year ago, FENOX released a full set of the rear suspension bolts (product item BN00002). In so much as the eccentric (camber) bolts are most commonly cut off when removing the arms, these are the most popular out of the whole range.
So FENOX has additionally produced two varieties of independent kits:
- repair kit with an eccentric bolt and rubber bushings (BK21001);
kit with an eccentric bolt (BN00003).
The first kit, additionally to the eccentric bolt and washer, contains a bolt for fastening the arm to the hub, and 2 nuts. The second option additionally contains rubber bushings, therefore it is recommended in cases when it is necessary to restore the arms.
The FENOX’ internal rubber bushings, in accordance with the original, have a variable outer diameter (tapered). When mounting these, the side with the smaller diameter shall be pressed in, first of all. Pressing the rubber bushings out shall be performed in the direction of the greatest diameter, so that not to increase the bore diameter of the other side.

The FENOX range also provides a possibility for selecting individual rubber bushing items for the rear lower spring arm.

All the FENOX bolt kits are made of low carbon steel and compound steel with subsequent heat treating what results in achieving the high strength index of 10.9.

For reliable fixturing with a possibility of subsequent disassembling, the bolt is coated with a thread sealant within the pre-application process. Additionally, for fixing the nuts and bolts, there are metallic locking plates available on the former ones.