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25.05.17 New Items in the Range of Hubs

36 new hubs have appeared in the FENOX’ product proposal. The new products being offered, complying with the design by the original producers’ products, are supplied ready-assembled with bearings and without these.


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The housings and bearings of the hubs are made of high quality compound steel, and the bearing races undergo the tempering process for providing added strength, what ensures a long service life of the product.

The high-precision manufacturing of the cage carrier and the selective matching of rolling elements ensure uniform load distribution, eliminate jamming and provide silent and smooth operation of the bearing.

The professional lithium grease contains antiseizure, anticorrosive and antioxidant additives. The polymeric seals protect the product against external contaminants.

The FENOX hubs’ bearings need no adjustments and replacement of lubricant throughout the entire useful lifetime of the unit and are designed for long trouble-free operation.

The multistage quality control system ensures high reliability of the FENOX wheel hubs. In the course of production, the linear dimensions are being controlled, the basic performance parameters are being checked and endurance tests are carried out.