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09.06.17 FENOX Expands the Range Rubber Bushings

The FENOX Company complements its offering of rubber-metal articles and introduces 21 new rubber bushing items into the brand portfolio.



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For manufacturing the FENOX rubber bushings, highly elastic rubber resistant to aggressive thawing chemicals is employed. Additives that are compounded into the mixture allow maintaining the elastic properties of the rubber which does not crack even at very low temperatures.

The metal elements are shot blasted, what ensures their high degree of adhesion to the rubber elements. Prior to the vulcanization process, the surfaces are twice treated with the adhesive composition of grades that are identical to those used by OEM suppliers.

At the final stages, the FENOX rubber bushings are subjected to a series of tests for compliance with the requirements for geometric parameters, durability and resistance to rust under road conditions which are close to real ones.