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22.06.17 New Items among FENOX Calipers

The FENOX Company keeps on developing its range of products and presents 30 new items of calipers. Among the new items – there are spare parts for Chevrolet Aveo III T300, Cruze J300; Opel Astra J; Fiat Ducato all; Mitsubishi Lancer VIII (CX, CY), Galant, ASX, Outlander; Audi A6; VW Tiguan, Passat and other vehicle brands.


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The many years' experience of manufacturing products for assembly lines of the world's leading automakers allows us to guarantee high quality products. All the dimensions of housings of the calipers being delivered to the distribution networks strictly comply with the original design; therefore the products are suitable for repair.

The FENOX calipers’ housings are made of malleable cast iron (di 370-12), and are coated with white zinc for protection. The pistons of the calipers are made with the cold upsetting technique (no lathe work is employed for manufacturing these) and they are coated with chrome. For ease of installation, the fixturing points are subjected to the anodizing process.

The leak-tight glands of the guide rods, as contrasted with the closest competitors, have a rectangular cross-section, are elastic and are characterized by a long service life. 

Each caliper is supplied complete with a tube of lithium grease for the guide rods. 

As an additional option, the Company offers a universal high-temperature silicone grease which can be used for other purposes, for example, lubricating the butt ends of the pad at points of contact with the caliper. 

The both types of grease increase the service life of the brake system and prevent the sticking problem, corrosion and jamming of parts.