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27.06.17 Augmentation in the Brake Disk Group

FENOX announces an expansion of the brake disk group. New products in the range – 14 items meant for such motor vehicles as: Audi, Skoda, VW, Lexus, Toyota, Volvo, BMW и KIA.


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The initial and minimum thicknesses of the FENOX discs meet the requirements of the car manufacturers. Unlike the closest counterparts, we do not economize on the thickness and, consequently, the mass of the disk - it is the thickness margin that creates the framework of strength and prevents thermal expansion and deterioration of the disk geometry.

The stiffeners of the discs have a special shape that prevents occurring of a high resistance force in the spots where they are joined to the disc; this ultimately protects the product against deformation. The back surface of the disc is subjected to maximum processing in order to avoid the formation of scale. For manufacturing the discs, FENOX employs castings made of compacted graphite iron alloy – a strong material which does not allow the formation of scoring during the operation of discs.

With high- and medium-loaded disks, in the junctions of the working and flange portions there are fillets that allow reducing the influence of thermal expansion in this section. 

The FENOX Company has been manufacturing brake discs for 15 years. The accumulated many years' operational experience, well-established production processes, strict input quality control of components and castings, as well as high-quality monitoring of products at the final stage allow the FENOX Company to claim the high quality of its products.