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04.07.17 High-End Solution for Money-Saving Repair of Honda CRV II Suspension

There is a new unique offering of arms for Honda CRV II (01-06) vehicles from the FENOX Company. Depending on the preferences and conditions of the suspension, the car owner can choose either standard non-adjustable arms (CA22110, CA22210, CA22017) or demountable adjustable ones (CA22016).


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During the operation of the Honda CRV vehicle, the suspension geometry is changing, so that a negative camber may occur, which in turn significantly increases the tire wear rate. The standard solution – replacement of the springs, rubber bushings and arms in full - does not always help to correct the deteriorated geometry of the suspension. Moreover, such repairs happen to be fairly expensive. An alternative solution for adjusting the required camber is the use of adjustable arms.

The demountable arms from FENOX are on the average twice as cheaper than the arms from high-priced tuning-brands. And unlike self-made “back-yard production” adjustable arms, they are distinguished by the quality and reliability of the factory-built product.

НThe new arms for Honda CRV have a mounting kit, which includes:  
• zinc-coated fastening bolts of the 10.9 quality class;
• a lock nut with a retaining plastic ring;
• loose straps for fixing wires of the ABS sensors (loose straps - only with adjustable arms).


The compliance with the original dimensions and design of the rubber bushings in the adjustable arms of the rear suspension makes this arm to be repairable. If desired or needed, the car owner can install the OEM rubber bushings.

The FENOX arms are reliable in operation under the rough roads conditions. The corrosion-preventive compound protects the product against rust and ensures a long service life of the arm.