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11.08.17 Large Expansion of Stabilizer Bushings Offering

The range of the Fenox stabilizer bushings has been supplemented with 46 new items and reaches 200 SKU now. Among the new products – there are bushings for such motor vehicles as Ford Focus, C-Max; Toyota Avensis, Camry; Kia Sportage; Hyundai Tuсson, and other popular vehicles. In the updated product range, there are also presented items for premium brands vehicles: BMW, Infiniti, Lexus.

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• The Fenox stabilizer bushings are manufactured using high-quality rubber injection-moulding.
• The high deformation ability ensures the Fenox bushings’ stable operation when being twisted and makes slippage on the stabilizer bar impossible.
• Stable operation over a wide temperature range. Thanks to the introduction of special plasticizers and stabilizers extending the temperature range, the Fenox stabilizer bushings retain the ability for the recoverable deformation even at -40°C, without allowing increased wear and chipping at low temperatures.
• The Fenox stabilizer bushings are the best choice for the value-for-money ratio.