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13.10.17 Pump for YMZ-534 and YMZ-536 Diesel Engines

There is just another new item in the Fenox’ product range – a water pump for the modern generation of multi-purpose 4-and 6-cylinder diesel engines by the Yaroslavl Motor Plant (YMZ-534/536). These engines enjoy wide application in MAZ, Ural, KrAZ and GAZon NEXT vehicles, as well as in PAZ and LiAZ buses.

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The coolant pump plays a critical part in the cooling system of a motor vehicle. A malfunction of this can lead to overheating and total engine failure.

The Fenox pump housing is manufactured by aluminum pressure die casting which makes the occurrence of casting defects impossible.

The state-of-the-art "CarMic +" carbon-ceramic seal guarantees complete leaktightness and allows leaks to be avoided even when a play in the bearing occurs.

The use of a reinforced double-row cartridge type bearing ensures the endurance capability of the unit and allows the pump to withstand high static and dynamic loads.

Thanks to the techniques in operation, the service life of the Fenox product increases by up to 40%.

The finished good inspection of the coolant pumps using the state-of-the-art ultrasonic test bench ensures the reliability of each Fenox product.