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21.12.17 Offering of Cooling Radiators Has Been Supplemented with 25 New Product Items

FENOX is offering another expansion of the range of cooling radiators.

There are 25 new items in total available for shipment.

Owing to the use of advanced technologies, even after a long period of operation, the FENOX radiators ensure maximum heat dissipation into the environment.


When manufacturing the split-design radiators, the Strong connection production technique is used which ensures strong connection of the radiator cooling tubes to the fins.

All the brazed constructional design radiators are manufactured using the Nocolok fluxing agents. At the moment, this is the most advanced soldering technology for aluminum which does not require additional surface treatment of the seams. On the mating parts, there is a film formed immediately, which film protects the parts against oxidation and against the brazing joints corruption while in the operation of the product.


Since the beginning of 2017, the FENOX radiators have been supplied in an upgraded packaging. Each radiator is secured to a rigid liner, what eliminates shifting of the product inside the box and provides a means of avoiding its damaging while in transit.

All the FENOX cooling radiators are tested by air pressure, what ensures reliability and quality of the products.