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22.12.17 New Product Group - Shock Absorber Strut Mount Bearings

The bearing presented is an important element of the McPherson suspension - the most commonly used suspension of modern motor vehicles.


FENOX is presenting more then 40 product items that cover the most popular models of Audi, BMW , Chevrolet , Chrysler , Citroen , Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Opel, Renault, Toyota, Volkswagen and others.

The main reason for the premature failure of the mount bearings is the ingress of dirt into the friction zone and the washing out of the lubricant, what subsequently leads to abrasive wear of the product. The design of the FENOX bearings and the selection of materials guarantee reliable protection of the internal acting surface against the ingress of dirt.

There are several design solutions with the shock absorber strut mount bearings. The new products presented belong to two types of bearings - rolling-contact bearings and sleeve-type bearings.

FENOX produces bearings using the best polymer compounds, taking account of the necessary functional and performance characteristics.

The inner portion of the FENOX sleeve-type bearing is made as a special labyrinth profile - when the two halves are joined together, a kind of lock (profile) is thus formed, which allows no dust, dirt and moisture to penetrate into.

The inner portion in the form of a ring is made of polyamide with special cut-outs and grooves for retaining the lubricant in the friction zone. To reduce friction in the bearings, there is also a special grease stuffed into the bearings, which is not washed out and reliably protects the bearing against dirt and sand.

The FENOX rolling-contact bearings are manufactured from high quality engineering plastics (PA66-GF30) with high impact strength and wear resistance.

The balls are made of the ShH15 bearing-grade steel characterized by high hardness and high contact wear resistance. The outer bearing cages are specially shaped metal rings made of the 65G spring steel with hardness of the acting surfaces - 55HRC.

To reduce friction, a lithium-based EP grease is stuffed into such bearings.

The manufacturing of bearings in full compliance with the OEM specifications guarantees a high quality standard of the FENOX products.

The FENOX shock absorber strut mount bearings are already available for ordering.