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22.12.17 For the First Time on the After-Market! Brake Pads and Wheel Cylinders for Lada Vesta

FENOX is announcing the K19023 wheel brake cylinders and the BP53168 drum brake pads for the popular Russian Lada Vesta vehicle to come into the market and to be immediately available.

When earlier on, replacement of the brake pads or the wheel cylinder happened to be necessary, Lada Vesta owners were forced to purchase the entire brake assembly as a unit, because no other package has been provided for by the OEM manufacturer. With taking account of the cost of such a kit, the brake system repair cost a good deal of money. That was the only offer within the market, there was no alternative until now.

With the advent of the FENOX new products, the brake system repairs for the Lada Vesta owners have become significantly more cost-effective.


The FENOX brake cylinder and pads for Lada Vesta fully comply with the original design. The anticorrosive compounds employed protect the products against rust and provide a long service life for them.


The FENOX spare parts as follows can also be used for repairing Lada Vesta:
- The HB1005P1 water pump and the TS034E7 thermostat are suited for Lada Vesta with a 1.6 liter engine.
- The ST31172 starter is to be used for Lada Vesta with an automatic transmission.
- For all modifications of Lada Vesta, there are applicable products as follows: IC16003O7 ignition coil, SC20100O7 crankshaft position sensor (CPS), SD10100O7 knocks sensor, TB219162 brake disc, BP43018 disc brake pads, WKB40119 front hub bearing kit.


All the product items are already available for ordering.