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27.12.17 New Saving Solutions for Replacing Steering Racks in KIA Spectra (IzhAvto), Hyundai Accent (TagAZ) and Hyundai Getz

The FENOX Company is presenting the long-awaited new products - hydraulic steering racks for such people's cars as KIA Spectra IZH, Hyundai Accent TagAZ and Hyundai Getz.


When earlier on, replacement of the steering rack happened to be necessary, owners of the above listed foreign models simply could not find offers other than either reconditioned components or the racks from the OEM manufacturer the cost of which was at least 2 times higher than that of the reconditioned one.

The lack of offering within the market prompted FENOX to master its own production.

SR17221 steering rack for Hyundai Accent TagAZ produced from 2000 to 2012.

The SR17222 steering rack is manufactured for the first generation of the popular Hyundai Getz hatchback.

For yet another people's favorite - KIA Spectra - the SR17223 hydraulic rack is being offered. KIA Spectra is a very successful Izhevsk Plant’s project which is better known under the worldwide name of Shuma II.

The FENOX new products are comparable in price with the reconditioned original racks which do not guarantee the product’s quality and reliability equal to those of the OEM manufacturer.

The FENOX hydraulic steering racks are manufactured in strict adherence to the parameters set-up by the manufacturer of the motor vehicle.

The warranty period of the FENOX products is 2 years.