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Brakeand Clutch Cylinders

Brake and Clutch Cylinders

Over the period of twenty five years FENOX has been specializing in the production of brake and clutch cylinders for European, Asian and American vehicles . Today FENOX offers the most comprehensive product range in automobile hydraulics, which includes more than 1000 items and it is annually updated by 150 new items. Permanent cooperation with leading European manufacturers of hydraulics allows designers and engineers of the FENOX Corporation to enjoy the advanced world technologies and developments and to apply them in the production of FENOX hydraulic cylinders.

FENOX technologies

• The honed finished inner surface of the hydraulic cylinder allows retaining brake fluid on the cylinder walls in the amount necessary to provide lubrication of the gland.



• The durable U-shaped compensating glands, whose walls change the degree of pressing against the cylinder’s running surface according to the internal pressure, provide a perfect tightness throughout the entire lifetime.



• Advanced design of valves with minimal idle strokes of the piston provides higher sensitivity and smoothness of the brakes while in operation.


The FENOX products meet design and functionality requirements of the original automakers, and, in some cases, exceed the regulatory requirements of automakers for the maximum pressure, number of operating cycles, resistance to high and low temperatures.