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Brake Pads and Shoes

The FENOX brake pads are produced under the state-of-the-art technologies, they exceed the European ECE R90 standard’s requirements and meet the specifications for the original spare parts, what ensures peace of mind to the driver while in driving.

FENOX technologies

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• Due to the «TST» (Thermo Stability technology) manufacturing formulation the FENOX brake pad friction material retains its properties even when heated above 400°C.

• The «AGTec» (Anti-Galling Technology) technology prevents galling of the brake friction material onto the disc what results in the maximum braking performance at all times.

• Due to the special geometry of the wiper groove, the surface of the brake disc is completely cleared of dust and moisture what allows the braking rate to be kept at the optimum level (0.4).

• The “3DM” (3D accuracy Movement) design and manufacture technology provides the perfect movement of the brake pads on the caliper guide-ways, whereby the braking distance is reduced by 10%.

• The metal base and the friction part of the brake pad are joined under the high pressure using a special thermo-insulating adhesive that eliminates a detachment of the friction part throughout the entire service life of the brake pad.

• The brake pads are available in a kit with a wear indicator, allowing replacement in time.

The optimal selection of materials, debugged technological process used in the manufacturing of the FENOX brake pads provide even wear of the disk and brake pad under any load, as well as a long service life of the friction pair.