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Brake Calipers

The FENOX calipers are optimal for using in brake systems of both domestic and foreign motor-cars.

FENOX technologies

• Honing of the slide-ways’ bores for retaining lubricant in the working area what allows not only extending the service life of the product, but also complete elimination of.


• The guide pins undergo automatic machining with robotic centers that deliver flawless accuracy of manufacturing, and as a result - perfect interaction of the "brake disc - brake pad" friction pair.


• The calipers’ pistons are made of the high-quality Swiss steel and coated with hard chrome layer providing a perfectly smooth work surface, which helps to ensure effective braking even after one million cycles.


• The slide-ways’ glands are made of the EPDM standard rubber, thus they have a higher resistance to aggressive effects of the environment and retain flexibility throughout the entire service life of the caliper.


• The housings and brackets are made of the high-strength cast iron and undergo the 100% X-ray inspection for internal integrity, so they can withstand the maximum loads.