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brake discs and drums

Brake discs and drums

High-precision machining and quality materials provide FENOX brake discs and drums with excellent performance. 


Advantages of the FENOX brake discs and drums

• Optimal friction coefficient.

• Resistance to extreme temperatures and deformation (warping).

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• The brake pads’ friction material tearing-out is excluded.

• Protection of the wheel hub bearing against overheating.

• 100% balanced discs.

• The HPC (high pressure crystallization) aluminum casting technology with incorporation of a cast-iron friction ring into the casting.

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• Ultrasonic testing of hidden defects of the castings.


The streamlined production process, original manufacturable solutions, optimal choice of the cast iron brand, high-quality German castings and high-accuracy machining with modern equipment provide superior performance and increased reliability of the brake discs and drums.