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Water pumps

The FENOX water pumps are made to work under adverse climatic conditions. These are designed to employ durable roller bearings and the latest generation ceramic seals.

FENOX technologies

• The “CarMic +” carbon-ceramic seal ensures perfect leakproofness of the assembly even when a play in the bearing occurs, what allows the service life of the product to be extended by 40%.


• The water pump’s housing is manufactured by means of the aluminum pressure die casting eliminating occurrence of molding defects: microcracks, shells. The final inspection of the housings with a modern ultrasonic control bench ensures reliability of each unit.


• Employment of a high-temperature sealant eliminates leakage of coolant through the compression joint between the body and the sealing.

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• The system of selection of the “AntiShock” materials and components ensures protection against thermal shock during sudden temperature changes.

• The multi-blade impeller with the “MBI” complementary blades system and compensating holes reduces the axial load on the shaft bearing and seal assembly, thereby increasing not only the lifetime, but also the performance of the water pump.

• The special geometry of the blades eliminates a possibility of cavitation (low pressure areas).

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• The fifth generation “HBR-5” reinforced ultra-high-speed bearing withstanding high dynamic and static loads ensures noiseless operation of the hydraulic assembly.