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Гидроциллиндры тормозов 

Electric System

FENOX Electric System ensures easy start for your car while supporting uninterrupted operation of a large number of electric devices on board.

FENOX Electric System includes the following components:

-     Starters and Starter Components

-     Alternators and Alternator Components

-     Spark Plugs

-     Ignition Leads

-     Contact Break Point

-     Heater Pumps

-     Ignition Coils

-     Ignition Distributors

-     Washer Motors

-     Fans (heating)

-     Fans (cooling)

-     Elctric Fuel Pumps and Modules

-     Engine Control Sensors

FENOX Electric System parts are manufactured to high standards of durability and reliability, and exhibit consistent performance under any weather conditions.