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Alternators and alternator components

Quality and innovation have always been the priority for the FENOX company. The accumulated experience, powerful production base, advanced technology, professionalism of the designers allowed us to develop an alternator with advanced characteristics.

The FENOX alternators’ power provides stable operation of the vehicle’s engine and its electrical system with simultaneous rapid battery charging.


Design features of FENOX alternators

• The FENOX alternators’ current-speed characteristic provides absence of the progressive battery discharge under any operating conditions of the vehicle.

• Employment of a reinforced bearing in the front support of the rotor significantly improves reliability of the alternator.



• The diodes employed in the rectifier unit have an amperage margin of up to 50% of the maximum alternator amperage what securely protects them against overheating even under the maximum use of additional current consumers.



• The built-in voltage regulator provides high stability of the level of voltage being supplied by the alternator to the on-board vehicle network in the whole range of electrical loads and speeds of rotation of the alternator.



• The FENOX alternators demonstrate high operational reliability under extreme conditions - temperature variations, high vibration, high humidity and pollutions.