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Starters and starter components

FENOX produces starters for motor vehicles of domestic and foreign manufacture. The kits for the FENOX starters include most often replaced parts. As for the installation dimensions and functional characteristics, the starters’ replacement parts, starter drives (one-way clutch of a starter) and starting relays are 100% compliant with the homonymous assemblies of the homotypic starters from other manufacturers.


FENOX technologies

• The advanced FENOMAGNETIC technology which is based on employment of special ferritic permanent magnets and a special separator has allowed decreasing the dimensions and weight with simultaneous improving the main characteristics of the starter.



• The reinforced 9-splined construction of the bendix enhances the reliability and lifetime of the starter.

втулка-бендикса конструкция-бендикса


• The dynamic double-sided balancing of the rotor with the reinforced insulation and high characteristics allow using of the FENOX starters under the most extreme temperature conditions.



• The advanced design of the bendix’ bushing containing special perforation and carbonic embeddings decreases the coefficient of friction between the bushing and the shaft, thus significantly increasing the lifetime of the bendix and efficiency of the starter.