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Steering racks

The FENOX Company produces high quality steering racks complying with the well-known European manufacturers’ level.

FENOX technologies


• The helical rack reduces the effort on the steering wheel by up to 25% what results in the fact that driving a car becomes much easier.

• Owing to the perfect matching of the rack to the gear, the "rifts" while in making turns are completely excluded.

• Owing to the FENOX’ “Key-to-lock” proprietary technology all steering rack parts fit perfectly to each other, what, in combination with a molecular lubricant, allows achieving a service life increased by several time.

• The dust boot which protects the helical rack with the driving gear against ingress of dust, dirt and moisture is made of chloroprene - synthetic material which due to its colloidal structure is not destroyed under the influence of heat, oil and gasoline.

• Used in the manufacture of the steering rack, the cold forging method allows making it so sturdy that it effectively resists strong side impacts while in hitting curbs and other obstacles.