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Shock absorbers

FENOX produces a wide product range of shock absorbers, struts and shock absorber cartridges (inserts) for motor-vehicles of domestic and foreign manufacture.

FENOX produces two types of shock absorbers - hydraulic shock absorbers and hydraulic shock absorbers with pressurized gas.


FENOX Technologies

«Multi Disc System»

- the rebound valves system based on the employment of the specially selected combination of disc springs. The technology allows the FENOX shock absorbers to provide maximum riding comfort in city streets as well as off-road.



«PRO-Edge Seal»

- the new generation multiedged wear resistant self-cleaning gland ensures perfect sliding of the rod. The employment of this ensures perfect leak-tightness of the shock absorber, protects the friction zone against ingression of abrasive particles, prevents leakage of the damping fluid and gas.

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• The FENOX DUO FH shock absorbers have a twin-tube design that ensures the double protection.



• The “Tube caliber” technology provides for employment of only calibrated precision tubes, ensuring stable performance.

• The fluoroplastic piston ring and the rod guide bushing with teflon coating enhance the friction pair’s wear resistance, what significantly extends the service life of the shock absorber.

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• Employment of the «Castrol Aero HF585B» low-viscosity liquid allows the FENOX shock absorbers to withstand extreme variable temperature conditions from -43°C to +65°C. The "cold start" effect at the lowest possible temperatures is completely excluded.



• The extra smooth hardened rod with the reinforced chrome layer ensures reliable operation of the shock absorber during its entire lifetime. Impregnation of the chrome with the rust-proofing agent by the Atotech company enhances the rod’s resistance to corrosion and ensures a low friction coefficient.

• In the manufacturing of the rods the special S45 superhard high carbon structural steel is used, what, in combination with the induction hardening of the rods by the high frequency current, makes the FENOX shock-absorbers to be super-tough.

• The “X-treme Formula” lubricant, based on the molybdenum disulfate, is used to enhance the gasket elasticity and to extend its service life.

• Each lot of the shock absorbers undergoes checking for ensuring an operational life of at least 5 years.


For 3 consecutive years the FENOX shock absorbers have been recognized to be the best under the "Autocomponent of the Year” independent professional award.