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The drive shaft is one of the key elements of the transmission of all- and rear-wheel-drive vehicles. It provides the torque transmission from the gearbox to the drive axle.


Технологии FENOX

Vibrations of any frequency has adverse effects on conditions and useful life of motor vehicle’s units, as well as on the health of people operating the vehicle. To eliminate these negative factors, the Fenox Company takes a number of steps in the production of the drive shafts:

• Fenox drive shafts are characterized by highly accurate fit of parts while in welding the individual elements of the shaft, what ensures no radial runout of the shaft as it rotates at any rate and under any operating conditions.

• in the manufacture of suspension supports, only high-quality raw materials and reinforced bearings with improved protection against dust and moisture are employed, what allows increasing the life of the unit by several times.

• drive shaft cross-pieces of own making using a multichannel lubrication distribution system in the area of operation of the needle bearings, what reduces the butt friction of the spider end against the housing and eliminates the possibility of overheating of the lubricating materials and jamming of the unit.

• best fitting and machining accuracy in the production of the splined connection, what ensures smooth operation of the component, as well as allows the wear and occurrence of free plays to be minimized.

• вafter assembling at the final stage of production, all the Fenox drive shafts are subjected to mandatory balancing and final inspection.