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Application, Service and Storage Life, Manufacturer’s Warranty

The Timing Chain is designed to drive the camshafts of internal combustion engines of motor vehicles.

Warranty period - one year from the date of sale, storage life - not more than two years from the date of manufacture.

In the event that defects are detected within the warranty period, we request you please to return the timing chain or replace it with the seller, with presenting the till slip or other proof of purchase.


The warranty shall be void in the event of:

- failure to comply with the regulations for the Timing Chain installation, maintenance and operation specified in the Operating and maintenance manual of the vehicle;

- presence of mechanical damages in the Timing Chain (cracks, chips, etc.).


Completeness of Set

Delivery set: timing chain, label, packing.


Safety Requirements

The Timing Chain is a component of the motor vehicle’s engine. Replacing of the Timing Chain shall be carried out by qualified personnel. When dismantling and installing the assemblies in the process of replacing the Timing Chain, it is necessary to observe the guidelines for operation and maintenance of the vehicle.

During the installation of the Timing Chain into the engine, the assemblies’ threaded joints tightening torques must comply with the values specified in the manual for operation and maintenance of the motor vehicle.


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